IPM Product and Package Development

  • 2009 – Optimize®, Optimize® LIFT for peanut, EMD Crop BioScience, USA
  • 2008-Soil ImplantR for peanut, EMD Crop Bioscience, USA.
  • 2007- optimize gold for forage crops, emd crop bioscience, usa
  • 2007 – BioYield®, Bayer Crop Science, USA
  • 2007 – Kodiak®, Bayer Crop Science, USA
  • 2007-Gain® and Harvest More Ureamate® for cotton, strawberry and vegetables, Stoller, USA
  • 2006- Bio-Forge® for food, feed and biofuel crops, Stoller, USA
  • 2006-ReZist®, Stabilizer®, Stimulate® for various agricultural crops, Stoller, USA